As the film was shot almost documentary style, there was a huge amount of location shooting that took place. Lots of obvious and noticeable landmarks, in and around Newcastle and Gateshead (and further afield) are obvious throughout the film. Whilst most famous for the Owen Luder designed car park, the film also highlights and integrates into the story a number of local landmarks including iconic bridges, the racecourse, and residential areas.

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The film does go further afield, though with the infamous final scenes, shot on two separate beaches, probably being the most famous. A small amount of studio shooting was done in London, notably the opening scene (apparently shot in a 4th floor flat in Southwick Street1) and the Las Vegas telephone scene.

In this section, these locations have all been mapped, photographed and logged. I have used a mixture of Google Street View, Maps, self-shot photographs (yes, I’ve personally been to the vast majority of the locations!) and other images I’ve found on my travels around the web. The map below gives a great starting point to the spread of the locations used.


Start the online tour here – Arriving in Newcastle 

Video Tours:

A few people have done some great video tours of the locations (though some have a few of the details slightly wrong), helpfully posted on YouTube:




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