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Ted Lewis Group – Lots of upcoming events

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As we all know, without the original Jack’s Return Home book we would never have had the film that we all know and love.

The book was only made possible as it was written by a mercurial author called Ted Lewis, a multi-talented author, musician, screenwriter and artist who despite his grim northern English background, revolutionised a particular brand of storytelling that has been applauded and copied ever since. Despite his complicated life and sad, early demise, there are is a recent reinterest of the author being led by the Ted Lewis Group – a non-profit organisation whose aim is to celebrate Ted’s life and work.

Being based in Barton upon Humber, their aim is to spread the word of Ted’s life and output. It’s a busy period for them at the moment as they ramp up their efforts to get Ted’s body of work recognised for what it is.

They have a number of upcoming events which people may be interested in, including an open afternoon on Saturday 3rd March at the East Riding’s Museum, and various ad-hoc and organised gatherings throughout the year.

They have produced a series of pamphlets, books and a website which chronicles the life of the excellent Ted Lewis – for any fan of Get Carter and noir, it’s a must visit website that you will soon get lost in. Please feel free to drop in – they have also published a separate biography of Ted, perfect to read alongside the Nick Triplow autobiography.