‘Dirty, Sexy & Totally Iconic’ Test Screening – 24th May 2023

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Tony Klinger has been in touch to tell us about a test screening of his new documentary ‘Dirty, Sexy and Totally Iconic’ – a documentary that celebrates ‘Get Carter’ on the 24th May 2023.

Dirty, Sexy, Totally Iconic - Test Screening Poster

Join us for an exclusive test screening of ‘Dirty, Sexy & Totally Iconic’ from Northampton’s AR Media and Tony Klinger. In 1971 ‘Get Carter’ starring a young Michael Caine premiered at a cinema in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Upon the film’s release it wasn’t hailed as an obvious success by critics, so why now after 50 years is it considered the Greatest British Crime Film of all time?

Join filmmaker Tony Klinger (son of the Producer of ‘Get Carter’) as he sets out to celebrate the films enduring legacy with those that were directly involved in the film, filmmakers that have since been influenced by the production and of course the fans. 

Watch the film before it is completed and provide some valuable feedback. 

More information and bookings can be made at the Northampton Filmhouse website.