Mike Hodges, 1932-2022


As is being widely reported, Mike Hodges, writer and director of Get Carter has sadly died aged 90. His memory will live on in film, through one of the greatest British films of all time and his other works.... Read More

Get Carter 50th Anniversary MEGAPOST


Lots of smaller events and pieces of news that are happening around the 50th Anniversary re-release of Get Carter, maybe not worthy of a full post but worth keeping track of. 7th May there was a screening and Q&A... Read More

The Film

Get Carter is a British cinema classic that took over twenty years to be recognised for its impact on the public and critics alike. Regularly voted as one of the greatest British films ever released, 'Get Carter' tells the tale of a London gangster seeking revenge in an area he thought he had left for good, the heady Northern city of Newcastle. Warned to stay away by his London employers, his quest for vengeance and a belated sense of righting wrong was too much of a draw to avoid. Fueled by ambiguity, revenge and unanswered questions, Jack heads north for a final showdown with his family, old friends and enemies.

An intentionally perverse and grim film, and with Mike Hodges at the helm for his breakthrough directorial film, we see a side of Newcastle life now virtually unrecognisable. Real life local settings and people were used heavily in the film, adding to the realism and starkness the film presents. Whilst we only now appreciate the film for what it brought to our screens and conscious, many things have changed in the time in between. So, welcome to the website that is everything Jack Carter.