Ken Hailes Bookmakers
Note the reflection in the window!

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The place where Albert Swift meets his maker. This is a difficult location to place and I only was able to work this out by being given the tip off of looking in the reflection of the windows of the bookmakers. The location is Argyle Street, a five-minute walk from Ellison Street.

Ken Hailes bookmakers is now long gone, replaced by what I believe was a council administration building. As of 2016, that building was being demolished – not sure what for or why – but it certainly brings to an end any form of recognition of the area. The building over the road (which is what you can see in the reflection) is still standing, but I’m unsure of its usage.




Ken Hailes sat somewhere in the middle of the picture:

Demolition underway
February 2016

The building opposite:

Argyle Street
February 2016


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