Ted Lewis Group – Lots of upcoming events

As we all know, without the original Jack’s Return Home book we would never have had the film that we all know and love. The book was only made possible as it was written by a mercurial author called Ted … Read More

Mike Hodges Crowdfunding Three New Noir Novellas

Word has reached us that famed Get Carter director, Mike Hodges, is currently crowdsourcing funding for three new novels that he has written. The three noir novellas, titled Bait, Security and Grist explore various themes and include all you would expect … Read More

50 Years On From the ‘One-Armed Bandit’ Murder

As we all know, the film ‘Get Carter’ was based on Ted Lewis’s eponymous novel ‘Jack’s Return Home’. But did you know that the novel itself is loosely connected to a similar, real-life story that happened in the North-East only … Read More

Newcastle Chronicle Brutalism Article

The Newcastle Chronicle has an excellent new article on the Brutalist buildings that Owen Luder designed for Newcastle Upon Tyne. Naturally, it includes some information and great pictures of the famous Get Carter car park. It’s an interesting read and … Read More

Get Carter cinematographer Wolfgang Suschitzky dies aged 104

The Guardian has reported the death of Get Carter cinematographer Wolfgang Suschitzky at the age of 104. He was a photographer, cameraman and cinematographer who was involved in television and film production over many decades. His contribution to Get Carter, arguably his … Read More

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